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May Chapter Meeting:Strategies to Retain, Stand Out, And Stay Ahead Amidst The Great Resignation
Tuesday, May 09, 2023, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
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The pandemic has upended the world of work. 49% of US workers are actively searching for a new job according to The Great Resignation: An analysis of the Employee Experience, SHRM, 2022. Employees are spread way too thin – taking on the responsibilities of former coworkers, managing burn out, plus the ebbs and flows of everyday life. Thus, HR professionals are tasked with identifying and understanding why employees are leaving, how to keep current employees engaged, and how to recruit new employees. 

Additionally, HR must also create an environment where managers feel empowered and inspired to create an inclusive, healthy work environment that employees are drawn to. Managers who are given support can learn to harness their power as an inclusive leader to create positive employee experiences, strengthen team dynamics, and guide their teams more effectively toward goals. Ultimately decreasing turnover and increasing profit margins.

In a world where Zoom fatigue is real, companies now have to be strategic about how to keep employees connected whether they are fully remote, hybrid, flexible, or back in the office. Otherwise they run the risk of losing their top and high potential talent, decreased productivity, and smaller profit margins.One of the best ways to do that is to show them that you CARE! 

Pleasantries have not outlived their usefulness in the workplace. As advanced as we are, sometimes we have to go back to the basics. That means humanizing the staff and connecting with them on a deeper level. When you do, you’ll find it easier to retain your employees and recruit new ones because once employees feel their employers care, they care! And when they care, they stay!

The C.A.R.E. MethodSM explores 4 strategies that not only retains employees, but helps companies gain a competitive advantage so they stand out and stay ahead of the effects of The Great or even Hidden Resignation. They are effective Communication, Accessibility, Respectfulness, and Employee engagement.

Implementing the C.A.R.E. Method, you can attract bright talent and retain your best employees with inclusiveness, meaningful interactions and a lot more fun!


 SPEAKER INFO:  Danielle M. Price, M.Ed.

Danielle M. Price, M.Ed. is the most atypical engineer you'd ever meet. As a Nuclear Engineer, Danielle not only used her analytical and technical skills but her relationship-building skills to manage all the major electrical systems of the plant. She loved relationship-building so much that she left her engineering career to pursue a career in training and development. After being laid off, Danielle reinvented herself by combining her passions with her vast experiences to forge a new path as a Romance Planner. Now, Danielle runs both a romance planning and consulting business. In her romance planning business, she helps couples strengthen their relationship by providing fun, creative, and romantic ways for couples to spend time together. As a consultant, she partners with organizations to design strategic employee retention solutions that decreases dissatisfaction and increases engagement with her proprietary framework The C.A.R.E. MethodSM.


Contact: [email protected]