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Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 7:45 AM - 9:45 AM EDT
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ADHD in the Workplace:  Fostering Talent Development through a Strength-Based Approach

Session Content Summary

According to the CDC 4.4% of the US adult population reports being diagnosed with ADHD and roughly 50% of those worry about the impact their ADHD will have on their jobs and careers. Experts suspect that percentage may be much higher, considering adults who remain undiagnosed. Any executive function impairment, when not well managed, can lead to increased work stress, conflict and potential drops in performance.

This session will provide a brief overview of adult ADHD and mental health protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act, review common supports and accommodations that can bring out the best in your talent, and discuss strategies for designing a workplace environment capitalizing on the talents and strengths of neurodiverse organizations.


About our Speaker

Kate Barrett, ACC is an ICF-certified ADHD & EF Coach and Founder of Coaching Cville, providing services internationally from Charlottesville, VA. Her background includes 20+ years in business and resource management, extensive volunteer and advocacy roles in both private and public education, ADHD expert roles in parent/student education seminars, and she currently serves as a member of the planning committee for the 2019 International Conference on ADHD.

She provides individual and group programs locally and internationally and speaks regularly to professionals, community, and industry on executive function and ADHD. Kate’s focus is to overlay EF theory with ADHD Coaching in order to facilitate systemic scaffolding and supports for those diagnosed with ADHD. In addition, she finds teaching and coaching non-ADHD support persons on the intricacies of ADHD further supports all members of the relationship through the development and practice of empathy and appreciation for neurodiversity within the family, education or workplace structures.

Kate received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and her advanced coach training from the ICF-Certified ADD Coach Academy.



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