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Special Event: Microsoft Outlook Balance and Productivity Optimization
Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
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We are offering a special program: 

Microsoft Outlook Balance and Productivity Optimization

Do you have any of the following New Year’s resolutions?  Be more productive.  Get my to do list in order.  Feel like I am controlling my email instead of it controlling me.  Finding time to live my best life.  If you use Microsoft Outlook (the installed PC version) and want to crush any of these resolutions in the year ahead, then check out our Informer Video for a brief preview of what to expect from Focus to Evolve's Microsoft Outlook Balance and Productivity Optimization training session.  The first half of the training will focus on metaskills and give the reasons for why we at Focus to Evolve teach the methods we do in Outlook.  The second half of the training is full of methodology and live step-by-step demonstrations of Outlook setting changes and instruction on how to use Outlook as the advanced personal productivity tool it was designed to be.  Our minimum target is to literally double meaningful output in the same number of hours spent in order to create more time for work/life balance.  

SHRM/HRCI recertification credits are approved